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October 2022 Donation Drive

Blue Duke Care Closet and the Junior Service League of Concord (JSL) are partnering together and we need your help! Blue Duke Care Closet operates out of Rundlett Middle School with a goal of discreetly providing food and personal care supplies to students that are facing food insecurity.

Together we are collecting personal care items for the students that Blue Duke Care Closet serves.

Drop-Off Locations:

  • Concord Public Library

  • Bow Baker Free Library

  • South Congregational Church of Concord

  • Lilise Designer Resale

  • Concord YMCA

  • Lithermans Limited Brewery

  • Hvizda Reality Group

  • Pediatric Therapy Center (78 Regional Drive)

Items Needed:

• Tampons / Pads

• Shampoo / Conditioner

• Soap

• Deodorant

• Toothbrush / Toothpaste

• Floss

• Individually wrapped snack items

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