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Proceeds from Cinderella Caterpillar will go towards

back to school supplies and warm winter clothing for children in need.


The Cast

BugTV Bugs

Prince Grasshopper - Carol Clark

Bugsy - Trish Ulhig

Queen Bea - Kris Boule

Ladybug - Lisa Brown

Dragonfly 1 - Chelsea Doughty

Dragonfly 2 - Paradis

Makeover Bug - Kristen Evans

BugTV Visitors

Cinderella Caterpillar - Becky Butt

Stepmother Spider - Cristin Kaufman

Connie Cockroach - Ann Dippold

Cecil B. DeMillipede - Sasha Demel

Intern Bug - Sasha Demel

Agent Bug - Caitlin Sackman

Slide Show. You may click on photo to see bigger/full image.

BugTV Groupies

WanaBee 1 - Laura Sagris

WannaBee 2 - Karin Colby

GladFly 1 - Becki Cameron

GladFly 2 - April Lakevicius

JSL 2012/2013 President, Cristin Kaufman as Stepmother Spider

About Karen Braz, Play Director:


In 1996, Karen co-founded (with Barbara Woodman) the Children’s Theatre Project, which in 2004 received the NH Theatre Award for Best Children’s Theatre.
For 17 years, the CTP has produced annual fall productions, most recently The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. They also have offered winter vacation camps for dozens of young people ages eight to sixteen. In addition, Karen has directed young actors at high school in Bow, Concord, Manchester, and with Trish Lindberg’s Kearsarge Arts Theatre Company.
Karen has also continued to teach acting workshops for youth in the New London Barn Playhouse, the Acting Loft, Bow Parks and Recreation, and the Educational Theatre Collaborative.
For all her hard work and dedication, Karen was presented with the 2011 Excellence in Children’s Theatre Award, at the NH Theatre Award ceremony.
Lastly, in addition to all that Karen does for the theater community, she has continued to direct Junior Service League’s spring children’s plays for over 20 years! We are extremely grateful and honored to have her guidance and direction year after year. This fantastic relationship with Karen allowed us to continue to bring quality children’s theater to life for many kids and their families.

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